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Hello, I'm Ben. I write books. All of them are self-published with Lulu Press and help to keep my electricity on.

Your Starter For Ben
Ebook: £1.99 [link]

Your Starter For Ben is a quiz-master's dream. Hundreds and hundreds of quirky but fun general knowledge questions for all the family, perfect to fill the awkward silences during that Christmas dinner lull, a particularly boring bit in a film or awaiting sentencing. And it fits right in your pocket too!

Although all the answers are completely true (except for the false ones in the True or False rounds), there's a sense of humour and nonsense throughout the book that represents the finest real life quiz nights in the UK and beyond.

I'll see you at the bar...

Never Mind The Quizbooks
Ebook: £1.99 [link]

From the author of "Your Starter For Ben" comes another funny, interesting and quirky take on the pub quiz with hundreds more new questions, this time all themed around music. But its not just for the pop obsessives (although there's plenty to scratch that itch, my friends!) but it can be enjoyed by all the family, from your Motown-loving mum and Disco Dad to your Screamo Son and Grimecore Speed Garage Gran.


- Learn "Possibly Definitely True Facts" about The Beatles, Frank Sinatra, Elvis Presley and Kanye West!

- Revisit "Great Pop Years" from 1964 to 1997!

- Plug in for a time when pop fame meant video game!

- Watch out for superstar sitcom cameos!

- What happens when rockers get what for from their mum!

and much much more in over 130 pages of brand new quizzes. Plus a foreword by musical mastermind Justin Lewis.

The Comedy Cash-In Book Book
Print Book: £4.99 [link]
Ebook: £0.99 [link]

A personal look at what made up the traditional "comedy cash-in" books popular in the UK between the 1970s and 1990s. From Monty Python's exceptionally influential 'Boks' through to the unique, brilliant humour of Harry Hill taking in Morecambe and Wise, The Goodies, Kenny Everett, Saturday Night Live, The Young Ones, Lenny Henry, Smith and Jones, Harry Enfield, Mr Bean, Reeves and Mortimer, Father Ted, Lee and Herring, The League Of Gentlemen and many more along the way.

Its also got quite a lot of jokes in it. A must for anyone who likes British comedy.

Talk About The Passion: Modern Adventures In Retro Pop Culture (with Tim Worthington and friends)
Print Book: £5.99 [link]

Over 130 pages of in-depth articles, facts, quizzes and fun starring

- David Bowie and his pal The Laughing Gnome,
- The Beatles in mono,
- Fun on Sesame Street,
- A beginner's guide to Godzilla,
- The rise of the early 80s's Video Nasties,
- Frank Sidebottom and Chris Sievey's ever-growing comic legacy,
- Viz Comic's most controversial moments,
- A look at U.S sitcom favourite Newsradio,
- Ribald rubber latex lampoonery in Spitting Image,
- My Bloody Valentine make a load of bloody racket... lots more on British comics, puppets, cheapo movies, TV pilots and beyond! Perfect for lovers of pop culture everywhere.

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