Monday, 12 June 2017


Telly addict? Box clever? Then you need Remotely Interesting, my new quiz book featuring over 50 all-new quizzes all about television. There's something for everyone from ALF to Z CarsBrian Cox to Brian GriffinGood Morning Britain to Newsnight, taking in the full TV experience from the opening theme tune to closing credits.

This is the third of my "Your Starter For Ben" quiz range and people who liked the my other work will hopefully recognise and appreciate the comic tone running throughout particularly with longer form pieces such as a round about TV shows with video game spin offs or several encounters with Donald Trump's Twitter feed spouting off on any programme he's not currently in. Its a creative, funny book unlike any on the market today. I've spent a long time researching, writing and editing this book to make sure it has appeal to both telly obsessives and casual viewers who fancy something to liven up that boring, ill-advised family holiday to Penge.

Here's a few of the highlights:

- Look back at the best days of your life now long gone with "Great Telly Years" rounds on 1977, 1981, 1990 and 1969;

- There's Probably Definitely True Facts About... The Simpsons, Doctor Who, soap operas and series finales;

- Guess the subjects of invariably mad real letters to the Radio and TV Times;

- Donald Trump's Presidential Tweets on programmes past and present;

- Remembering when stars switched channels in When They Went To Thames At The End;

- Were these TV spin-off video games real? Hit start;

- Go beat with the many TV appearances of The Fab Four Beatles Band;

- 'Netflix and keeping our hands where I can see them' with the non-TV TV revolution;

- Preparing for the end of the world with post-apocalypse programming;

- Can you guess the show from the Eight Word TV Tango?;

- A foreword by TV Clangers Expert Tim Worthington;

AND MUCH MORE on the likes of robots, catchphrases, theme tunes, live TV, game show rounds, spin-offs, telly books, memorable bosses, foreign types, breakfast programmes, American remakes, TV mothers, kids shows, booze and a bunch of Christmas stuff for good measure at the back!

Here's a few preview pages...


Want more? Ok, well to entice you further, here's an absolutely free 30+ page preview of the book:

For more information, chat to me on Twitter @ThatBenBaker or via my regularly updated Facebook news page here: (You could give it a like too!)

If you've enjoyed any of the nonsense I do, both past and present, don't sit back and hope somebody else will support this please. This is a good way to help ensure more of it happens whilst getting an excited, unique item not available anywhere else and all for less than . Pre-orders are now open and will be sent out from late July.

Thank you and happy dynamic quizzing!

 "its that taub again"

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